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Dry Christmas

Tis the season…

For “Crunched up Christmas carols.”

This one has all the cheese you’ll ever want, so get out the crackers…and if you dare, the wine:


I’m dreaming of a dry Christmas,
Just like the ones we used to know:
When the eggnog’s virgin
And no one’s purgin’
Our minds work clearly, not so slow.
I’m dreaming of a dry Christmas
With every recipe I try;
May your days be happy and spry
And may all your Christmasses be dry!




When I was growing up, we used to get bulb catalogs right about now.  Yes, in the middle of winter, while the snow is blowing into drifts outside and gardening is the least likely activity of the day!
But oh, the flowers!  Page after page of beauty in every shape, size and color.
Now is a good time to think about them; in fact, just trying to name my favorites puts a big smile on my face.  Let’s see, there’s roses, violets, gladiolas, delphinium, lilies, daisies, hollihocks, petunias, pansies,…too many to list…and they’re all my favorites!
What is (are) your favorite(s)?  Why?