A Call To Kindness

I have been considering something for a few weeks now:  A decision to learn how to sow kindness and  grace more fully.   We are exposed to so much that is crass, angry, hateful, prejudiced and just plain rude; it is time to build more noble things up.   My goal is to be aContinue reading “A Call To Kindness”


This was inspired by a “rant” I read earlier.  My experience is that people often mean well, but have no idea about the pain they cause when they step in to “help.”   Please don’t make excuses for me. If people ask, just smile; Let me answer for myself, Even if it takes a while.Continue reading “PLEASE DON’T MAKE EXCUSES”


I have often told my pastor that I feel like a tiger, trying to masquerade as a house cat. With that in mind, here is my poetic advice for how to tame a tiger: Don’t pull her whiskers Or ruffle her fur; Give her plenty of treats That cause her to purr. Find ways toContinue reading “HOW TO TAME A TIGER”