The Adolescence of Puppyhood

Just as humans go through stages in the process of growing up, so do puppies.  Here are some attitudes you might recognize: “Yeah, I heard you call me, but I’m busy tearing this up!” “I know what ‘sit’ means, but do I have to, just because you said so????” “Heckling the cat is soooo muchContinue reading “The Adolescence of Puppyhood”

“Great Happiness” is a Yellow Lab

Allow me to introduce Alissa. Among other things, her name means, “Great happiness.” She is almost 16 weeks of age now and already has a number of commands under her belt. She is a very sunny little girl with that sweet Labrador demeaner.  Even when she is being a bit of a dickens, she isContinue reading ““Great Happiness” is a Yellow Lab”

Update on Felicia

I learned a lot from my experience with this precious dog. She had to return to the Humane Association because she was too agrressive for my home and neighborhood. By the time I took her back, she had threatened a 4-year-old child and killed my cockatiel.  She was already in “Last Chance Saloon” for chasingContinue reading “Update on Felicia”


This is Felicia. She is a black lab/border collie mix, about 13 months old now. I adopted this little lady from the Humane Association’s animal shelter… When I first met her, all she could do was cower.  Once she got through that, she became a bit aggressive, mostly from severe anxiety disorder. Felicia has madeContinue reading “Felicia”


My black lab is almost 13 years old.  This is what it’s like to send him outside for a relieving break: “Galahad, go do your business.” “Now, why am I out here?  I can’t remember.” “Oh, that’s an interesting smell!  I’ll check it out…” “Maybe I’m out here to find some cat poop to eat…No,Continue reading “HOW AN OLD DOG THINKS”


Have you considered your pets and livestock in your emergency preparations??? They really need you to:  They most likely will not be able to care for themselves. Again, what you do will depend on where you live and the type of emergency for which you prepare.  If you will likely be staying put, do youContinue reading “HOW ABOUT ROVER AND FLUFFY?”