Blessings of Every Size

A frosty veil falling; Crystalline blanket white; Appearing in secret, While all sleep through the night; Then, upon rising, We see in the morning light The marvelous work of nature, So dazzling and bright. How many things happen Before we ever know? They’re neither seen nor touched; Some never seem to show; Then, upon learning,Continue reading “Blessings of Every Size”


Falling into silence; Deep within my own soul, Where whispers can be heard; Where silhouettes and shadows Paint pictures dark and vague; Where one speaks without a word.   Finding the secret place; Mysteries yet to unfold, Where riddles dance and play; Where questions and quandary live In their exploration That challenges each old way.Continue reading “ETERNAL JOURNEY”


Possibilities come our way each day; Are you watching for them? No one really knows how they’ll appear Or what they’ll look like.   Sometimes, they hide in comments made by friends; Are you listening for them? Subtle words form riddles and puzzles That want to be solved.   Opportunities will stand in plain view;Continue reading “POSSIBILITIES”


For the past couple of weeks, news services have been reporting on the discovery of gravitational waves:  Something predicted by Albert Einstein a hundred years ago.   My thought is this:  Oh the secrets kept from us until just the right time!  There have been gravitational waves since the beginning of creation; we’re just discoveringContinue reading “SECRETS”


The soothing warmth of sunshine; Music that fills my soul; Interesting conversation That leaves me happy and full.   Caresses of affection, Tangibly and in word; One who carefully listens, So that I know I am heard.   Mysterious adventure; Unanswered questions tease; Call me to deeper places; Such things inspire me as these.


Shades of reality; Moments of truth; Not knowing who I’ll be; Yet I’m still walking through This journey called life With its promise so bright; making discoveries; Gaining more sight. I don’t mind the travel On such a road; There’s more to be revealed; More stories to be told Of joys and sorrow, Of learningContinue reading “RESPECTING THE PROCESS”


There are hidden opportunities To be discovered or created: When things don’t work as planned; When we come to our wit’s end; At times of loss or undoing. Unexpected possibilities Not imagined and unpredicted: Coming out of our pain; When we fail; then try again; At points of learning and knowing. We encounter fresh realitiesContinue reading “LOOK FOR THE UNEXPECTED”