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Blessings of Every Size


A frosty veil falling;
Crystalline blanket white;
Appearing in secret,
While all sleep through the night;
Then, upon rising,
We see in the morning light
The marvelous work of nature,
So dazzling and bright.

How many things happen
Before we ever know?
They’re neither seen nor touched;
Some never seem to show;
Then, upon learning,
We see in Discovery’s glow
Yet another mystery revealed
That inspires us so.

Quandary and unknowing
Are presents in disguise,
Designed to urge us on;
Meant to make us more wise.
Then, upon growing,
We see with discerning eyes
Beautiful and confounding things;
Blessings of every size.




Falling into silence;
Deep within my own soul,
Where whispers can be heard;
Where silhouettes and shadows
Paint pictures dark and vague;
Where one speaks without a word.


Finding the secret place;
Mysteries yet to unfold,
Where riddles dance and play;
Where questions and quandary live
In their exploration
That challenges each old way.


Living within myself;
My heartbeat keeping time
As spirit and soul join
The song of eternal life
That will be forever;
At home, yet journeying on.


Possibilities come our way each day;
Are you watching for them?
No one really knows how they’ll appear
Or what they’ll look like.


Sometimes, they hide in comments made by friends;
Are you listening for them?
Subtle words form riddles and puzzles
That want to be solved.


Opportunities will stand in plain view;
Are you welcoming them?
They love to be noticed and embraced
So that you succeed.


For the past couple of weeks, news services have been reporting on the discovery of gravitational waves:  Something predicted by Albert Einstein a hundred years ago.


My thought is this:  Oh the secrets kept from us until just the right time!  There have been gravitational waves since the beginning of creation; we’re just discovering them.  We don’t really understand them and what they do at this point; we only get that they exist.  Who knows:  Perhaps this will be the key to space travel!


I am excited!  This might seem a bit odd, but I thoroughly enjoy mystery, paradoxes and the call to explore farther.  What other wonderful secrets are waiting to be sought out and uncovered?  With all that we have learned and invented, there is so much more that we have not even imagined!


Part of my concept, and to be honest, hope for Heaven is that we will be discovering, learning and creating without limits.  Why not?  God is Creator; we are made in His image.


The soothing warmth of sunshine;
Music that fills my soul;
Interesting conversation
That leaves me happy and full.


Caresses of affection,
Tangibly and in word;
One who carefully listens,
So that I know I am heard.


Mysterious adventure;
Unanswered questions tease;
Call me to deeper places;
Such things inspire me as these.


My journey started years ago,
When I was very small;
So tiny, in fact, I couldn’t be seen;
When no one knew me at all.

My travels went on through childhood,
Continued in my youth;
Taking me deeper in wisdom and grace
As I sought life, love and truth.

My path has led me to places
That seem dark and unclear;
With mysteries that could not be uncovered;
Yet intrigued and drew me near.

I ventured on to brighter days
That healed and strengthened me;
Then filled with courage, I continued in
My quest for reality.

And so it goes as I move on,
Traveling this life-long road,
I live as I was created to be
And find treasures yet to hold.


Shades of reality;
Moments of truth;
Not knowing who I’ll be;
Yet I’m still walking through
This journey called life
With its promise so bright;
making discoveries;
Gaining more sight.

I don’t mind the travel
On such a road;
There’s more to be revealed;
More stories to be told
Of joys and sorrow,
Of learning how to love;
Of hope for tomorrow,
Grace from above.

There are times for resting
Quiet and still;
Then seasons of testing
When I find strength until
My confidence grows
I like who I become;
And my heart clearly knows
I am at home.