I was talking to a friend who lives with her mother so that she can assist her. One of their regular outings is to the local senior center, where her mother, whom I will call Anne, is among peers and has the opportunity to visit. My friend was telling me that a number of people have startedContinue reading “EQUAL HONOR”


The overcoming spirit is neither cruel nor mean; Not especially crude or rough. Persevering, this spirit is tenacious and strong; Well disciplined, determined and tough.   Such a one is steadfast in seeking wisdom and strength, Nourished by courage and hope. Armed with understanding that “can’ts” are just distractions; That there are treasures to findContinue reading “THE OVERCOMING SPIRIT”

OVERCOMING 1: Considerations and Components

Someone recently asked me, “What is needed to overcome a problem?”   I decided that this would be worth at least one post, so here goes:   My first thought is that there are some necessary components to overcoming, whether that is disability, illness, survivor issues or other life circumstances.  Just by definition, overcoming involvesContinue reading “OVERCOMING 1: Considerations and Components”