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According to the weather forecast, it was supposed to snow until about 11:00am or noon.  It is almost 6:00pm, and the large, fluffy white stuff is still floating out of the heavens.  So much for predictability!
Doesn’t that sound like life, though!  We hope for and declare all sorts of things, both good and bad.  Only a fraction of them actually come true.  Face it:  We’re not that omniscient, so knowing the future is out of our reach.


I think of the numerous predictions I had for my life:  The age by which I would marry, the kind of work I would do… Instead, I got lots of surprises.  Most of them have been good:  My university degrees, opportunities to travel, honors and awards.  Some of them?  Not so much.


I am in no way saying that we should never plan or set goals; in fact, I strongly believe in doing both.  You know the saying, “You reap what you sow!”  Or how about this one – “What you do today will be your tomorrow.”


One secret in living well is knowing our limits.

I do have the power to choose.  I can say, “yes” or “no.”  This is probably one of the most basic and important skills.

I am in charge of myself.  No one can MAKE me think, say, feel or do anything; that is all in my control.


I do not have power over others.  They get to make their own choices.


There are the events that come along, which we would never choose; yet we are faced with them:  Illness, accidents, the death of someone precious to us.  When I consider these, I am reminded of all the stories I have heard about people who respond positively.  Oh, they grieve, get angry, need time to lick their wounds…but they don’t stay there.  Instead, they walk through the process of loss and healing; then, they build new opportunities and move forward.


There are so many lessons in the surprises of life!  The two that come to mind are:

1.  “The best revenge is to live well.”  I don’t believe that this ever applies to people.  It does call us to overcome those tough situations, however.  This says, “I won’t let the hard stuff get me down!”


2.  Do you know the difference between a survivor and a success?
A survivor makes do with scarcity;  a success creates abundance, then builds on it.



1 pkg passion, firmly packed
1 large scoop of courage
1 or more ideas, explored and developed a bit
2 or more good friends and family members to come alongside
1 dose of reality check
Several prayers, mostly listening
Courage is something that frightens one. Strength in the face of pain or grief.
bravery – valour – valor – pluck – gallantry – nerve

Any dream worth realizing will require courage.  Recently, a friend said that life is traumatic, even if nothing overly terrible happens.  There is a point to this.  Rejection, disappointment, failure and things that shake us up are part of the deal.
Courage is not “lack of fear,” it only shows up when there is fear or something challenging with which to deal.

“If you have a small dream for life, then you will have a small life, but if you dream a big dream; then you will have a big life.” (Yonggi Cho)
This pastor of perhaps the largest Church in the world goes on to say that suffering is part of walking into big dreams.  Or if you prefer, destiny.  Back to courage!

Destiny is now, not sometime in the future.  We walk it out day by day.  To sit around waiting for destiny to happen or for dreams to come true on their own is to wait for a lifetime with no results.

Take action:
*Put your dreams before you every day.  Write them on a poster and hang it above your bed so that you see it first thing.
*Surround yourself with people who will encourage, inspire, challenge and cheer you on.  Nay sayers are not for you.
*Turn dreams into goals:  What steps come first, then second…?  How will you know that you completed a step?
*Count the cost.  What are the pitfalls?  What barriers do you need to address?
*Check out resources:  What do you need?  Where can you get it?
*Have fun; keep on keeping on.
Here is some advice I was given that I pass on to you:
Follow your dreams and the vision that God has given you. Don’t allow fear to circumvent what you have to give to others. I have learned to “feel good about myself”
No, I’m not dealing with the things that discourage you (natural feelings on your part) but I do believe that you are a living testimony to others.


Some of My Favorite Books…At This Point

These are all books that have to do with discovering purpose and finding direction; Enjoy:
“The Dream Giver,” by Bruce wilkinson
An easy read that will have you thinking.

“Dream: Discover God’s Purpose for Your Life,” by Dutch Sheets
Encouraging and inspiring; will challenge you to lay hold of the dreams God has put in you.

“Dancing With Destiny; Awaken Your Heart to Dream, Love and War,” by Jill Austin
Excellent book. A slightly different angle from the two mentioned above.

“Beautiful One: A Walk In Deeper Intimacy with the One Who Created Us,”
by Heidi Baker, Bene Johnson, Winnie Banov, Nina Myers, Sue Ahn, Ann Stock, DeAnne Clark and Sherri Hess
This delightful collection has wisdom, inspiration and plenty to think about.

“Life Keys: Discover Who You Are,” by Jane Kise David Stark and Sandra Krebs Hirsh
If you are looking for direction in terms of career or ministry, this is your book. It is workbook style, so there are lots of activities to complete.

“What If…: You Joined your Dreams with the Most Amazing God,”
Bene Johnson, Sheri Silk, Bill Johnson, Danny Silk, Theresa Dedmon, April LaFrance, Julie Winter, Candace Johnson, Dawna DeSilva and Brittney Serpell,
This collection is filled with stories, experience, wisdom and hope.