Crisp air mixed with sunshine in the morning. The first bird songs of Spring. Crocus in full bloom, surrounded by snow. Beautiful music that stirs your soul. A baby’s exuberant laugh. The sound of a brook or rushing river. A hot meal at the end of a busy day. A tall glass of water. ReallyContinue reading “REFRESHMENT”


Beauty looks like many colors; Green of summer, white of snow; Purple, yellow, red of flowers; Lofty heights their splendors show. Beauty sings in many voices; Treble songs and basses low; Glorious anthems forever raising; Some familiar some unknown. Beauty touches all our senses; Fingers soft that bring delight; Even things that seem mysterious FillContinue reading “BEAUTY”


Boom-ba-boom, boom,boom! Thunder rolls across the sky. Bright light flashes everywhere; Please let it not stay dry!   Drum rolls sound again. Then lightning illumines all. Now I hear the happy sound: The music of rainfall.   Wind and rain pound hard On the windows, roof and walls. All stay safely tucked inside, Till summerContinue reading “THUNDER STORM”