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Rainbows are signs of hope,
Reminders of promise
That help us to press on
And watch for better times ahead.

They can’t come without rain,,
Sent to wash and nourish,
Often so dark and cold,
Settling like a wet blanket.

All creation huddles,
Tucked in against the rain
That falls like endless tears
As Mother Earth cries, just because.

Even she will keep watch,
Searching for the rainbows
That comes so faithfully,
Reminding us that hope is good.



Sunlight that dances upon a clear stream;
Clouds that float by as though caught in a dream.
Old gentleman with a smile on his face;
New tablecloth with embroidery and lace.


Fall leaves and snowflakes all join in the reel;
Birds in the spring sky who soar, dip and wheel.
Ripe fruit of summertime, juicy and sweet;
On plays the music with such joyful beat.


Singing in harmony, dancing along;
Let all things living come join in the song.
Things soft and quiet or things loud and bright;
Creatures of daytime and those of the night.