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A Little Family

thA family has moved into the house in my back yard:
Mr. and Mrs. are setting up housekeeping.
Sometimes, I’m sure they’re arguing!
Before long, there will be kids:
Little wren chicks.
They’ll stay until they can fly; then the whole family will move away.



The fields spread out in every direction.  Grass waves and rustles, whispering a mysterious song  as the wind blows through it.
Autumn smells fill the air:  Hints of pine, tamarac, sage;  spice mixed with sweetness.
Warm sunshine touches face and arms, only to be chased away by crisp breath.
The sky is made of blue so crystalin and deep that it seems to go forever.
Brilliant white castles float across it on invisible waves.
Trees are changing clothes, from shades of green to every bright color;
Red, orange, yellow and gold stand out with boldness and joy.
Dramatic contrasts are everywhere:
Shadows deepen; warmth competes with chill.
Salads are less appealing; soup and chili taste good.