Christmas Dinner

This year, family is coming to my home for Christmas. We will spend Christmas Eve decorating, baking and having a bunch in for dinner that evening. Then, on Christmas Day, it will just be my sisters, their spouses and me. Our menu: Roast duck –  Stuffed with fresh lemon, onion and garlic Twice baked potatoesContinue reading “Christmas Dinner”

Season’s greetings

Snapshots resting on an open book; High tech boots that hug your toes; The blithe sound of chip readers charging your card; The plastic Santa softly glows. Everybody knows that cookies and a full punchbowl Help to make the season bright. Comp’ny execs with their eyes all aglow Are counting profits with delight: They know that SantaContinue reading “Season’s greetings”

Dry Christmas

Tis the season… For “Crunched up Christmas carols.” This one has all the cheese you’ll ever want, so get out the crackers…and if you dare, the wine: I’m dreaming of a dry Christmas, Just like the ones we used to know: When the eggnog’s virgin And no one’s purgin’ Our minds work clearly, not soContinue reading “Dry Christmas”


Earrings and a neck-a-lace, Put on lay away At the store for two more weeks, Till you’ve cash to pay. Christmas Eve is coming soon, And you learned, oh man, Toasters and such don’t make her swoon; Do better if you can. Diamonds, rubies, peridot At a decent price; She won’t really care a lot,Continue reading “EARRINGS AND A NECK-A-LACE”


Twas the night before Christmas And all through the house The animals were talking, Except for the mouse. She was quiet, you see, Because she knew that If she didn’t stay hidden, She’d be food for the cat! “I would like toys,” said the dog, And a nice, new bed.” “Plenty of catnip for me,Continue reading “THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS”


For survival this season, Start with plenty of cheer. Add a little peace And things you hold dear. Identify the reason You like holidays so. Baking, gifts and songs; Love from those you know. Then mix them all together, Shaking them very well. Add some memories And stories to tell. Perhaps some frosty weather MaybeContinue reading “HOLIDAY SURVIVAL KIT”


So, here’s a more modern, possibly slightly cynical version of a popular Christmas song: Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree, You’re higher priced than ever. Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree, Afford you I can never. Your greenery fills the parking lot In hopes that soon you will be bought; Oh Christmas tree, Oh ChristmasContinue reading “OH CHRISTMAS TREE”