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When I was growing up, we used to get bulb catalogs right about now.  Yes, in the middle of winter, while the snow is blowing into drifts outside and gardening is the least likely activity of the day!
But oh, the flowers!  Page after page of beauty in every shape, size and color.
Now is a good time to think about them; in fact, just trying to name my favorites puts a big smile on my face.  Let’s see, there’s roses, violets, gladiolas, delphinium, lilies, daisies, hollihocks, petunias, pansies,…too many to list…and they’re all my favorites!
What is (are) your favorite(s)?  Why?



For survival this season,
Start with plenty of cheer.
Add a little peace
And things you hold dear.

Identify the reason
You like holidays so.
Baking, gifts and songs;
Love from those you know.

Then mix them all together,
Shaking them very well.
Add some memories
And stories to tell.

Perhaps some frosty weather
Maybe colorful light.
A heart filled with hope
Makes the season bright.

Then take time to celebrate
With loved ones far and near,
A merry Christmas;
A happy new year.


I was looking through some articles I had found in preparation for a workshop on wellness.  One of them was a cross-cultural study that measured the effects of laughter on well-being.  It reminded me of an old bit of wisdom:  “A merry heart does good like a medicine.” (Proverbs 17:22)
There  are bunches of articles and books declaring that this is true, from stories of people watching funny movies to laugh their way out of depression to people living far longer than expected because they stayed cheerful through life-threatening illness.

What works for you?
Are you a comics reader –  A daily dose of Charlie Brown or Farside keeps you going?
OR a joke book collector – One in every room, especially the bathroom?
Or is it vids for you?

Perhaps you don’t need any of these helps.  I know people who can laugh, just because they decide to.

Then there is the kind of laugh:
Are you the quiet sort, who kind of chuckles under your breath?
Or one with a real guffaw?
perhaps yours is more like a bubbling creek that just trickles out of you; maybe you have a belly laugh that has everyone around you joining in.
Do you laugh at the drop of a hat; are you one who needs to warm up to it a little?

An interesting note in this one study I was reading is that moderate levels of laughter are the most beneficial:  Too little or too much either had no effect or an adverse impact because it tended to set off bouts of respiratory problems.  One thing is consistent, however, laughter clearly improves our health, from the inside out.
Have you taken your merriment medicine today?


In Fall it’s time to put to bed
All tender flowers
And gently spread
A blanket of mulch
To keep them warm;
While the icy winds blow
The world hardens, the ice and snow
Turns everything white,
Quiet and cold;
And people bask in firelight.

Beneath the winter snow there lies
A world of creatures,
Not dead, but alive.
They sleep and rest
Until the warmth of Spring
Awakens them and again they bring
Blossoms, and fragrance,
Buzzing of wings
To join in the music of life.

Oh birds and ants, all creatures know
It is time to fly
Or dig below
To prepare a place
For safe retreat
While strong icy fingers
Reach into cracks and cold lingers;
Then spring’s warm return
Joyfully brings her
Presence to cheer each heart so.

Lessons From Dog

When life seems too heavy,
Go out and play:
Run, jump and roll,
Bark, howl and bay!
Lie on your back
With your tummmy in the air;
chew a good bone,
Let go of that care!

When you get sleepy,
Have a long nap.
Then chase a fun ball
Or snuffle the cat.
Eat all you want
And take a long drink.
Give yourself time
to know what you think.

When you feel great,
Waggle your tail.
With attitude like this,
You know you’ll never fail!
Lick those you love
With greatest of joy.
Take a nice walk,
Play with a toy.

Whatever is passed,
Just let it go,
Like fading of day
Or melting of snow.
Old things don’t matter
When you live for the day.
Keep looking forward;
Life’s better that way.