When I was growing up, we used to get bulb catalogs right about now.  Yes, in the middle of winter, while the snow is blowing into drifts outside and gardening is the least likely activity of the day! But oh, the flowers!  Page after page of beauty in every shape, size and color. Now isContinue reading “OH, THE FLOWERS!”


For survival this season, Start with plenty of cheer. Add a little peace And things you hold dear. Identify the reason You like holidays so. Baking, gifts and songs; Love from those you know. Then mix them all together, Shaking them very well. Add some memories And stories to tell. Perhaps some frosty weather MaybeContinue reading “HOLIDAY SURVIVAL KIT”


I was looking through some articles I had found in preparation for a workshop on wellness.  One of them was a cross-cultural study that measured the effects of laughter on well-being.  It reminded me of an old bit of wisdom:  “A merry heart does good like a medicine.” (Proverbs 17:22) There  are bunches of articlesContinue reading “LAUGH YOURSELF WELL”


In Fall it’s time to put to bed All tender flowers And gently spread A blanket of mulch To keep them warm; While the icy winds blow The world hardens, the ice and snow Turns everything white, Quiet and cold; And people bask in firelight. Beneath the winter snow there lies A world of creatures,Continue reading “SAFE RETREAT”