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Writer’s Block

It seems  that there are so many fresh thoughts and ideas coming into my head;
So much new information:  News items, results of studies and research…
Yet the things that are solid enough to put on paper – or computer – seem old and stale.

The new things are like trying to catch clouds
Or hold the current of a river still long enough to be examined and described.
Does it always have to be that the newborns of life are soft and pliable?
But then, that is part of their loveliness.

Hopes, dreams, possibilities:
All like children yet to be conceived!
O that I will be able to hold some long enough to write about them!





Sometimes rain comes softly,
With a subtle touch and light step,
She arrives in the dark of night.
The signs of her visit
Are fragrant, crystalline jewels
That sparkle in the morning light.

Then there are sudden times,
When Thunder and Lightning join her
Accompanied by mighty wind.
Great chaos and drama
Send creatures running for cover
To escape the ferocious din.

No matter how Rain comes,
Whether in quiet gentleness
Or with all her bluster and show.
In all times and seasons;
Day or night, summer or winter;
She comes, but then she’ll always go.


Put one old thing away;
Look for one thing new;
Lay down one old lie
To pick up something true.
Then when you finish sorting;
When all is neat and clean;
Begin to gather treasures;
Start again to dream.


Relief from one old pain;
One fond memory shared;
One friend remembered;
Delighted that you care.
And as you join together
To keep each other strong,
May you find joyful music;
Your heart’s living song.


The kids in my town had to go back to school this week.  For some, this is the beginning of a 13-year journey, since kindergarten is required here; for others, this is the last stop before college or work…or whatever will come after high school.


Do you remember your school days?
The fashions (or lack thereof)
Choosing a locker partner; checking out the new teachers…or of more interest, the new dudes and dudettes
Getting your class schedule and groaning about it


I was always happy to get back to school, usually because I was bored with the lack of activity during summer vacation; also because I loved learning.  Okay, I was a bit of a brainiac!


There is a subtle bit of training that happens with a 9-month schoolyear and 3-month vacation:  We become accustomed to expecting something new in the fall.  I remember reading somewhere that more people change jobs or start new businesses about this time of year; fashions are introduced about now, partly because of the return to school; reconsideration of life, direction and desires seems to be on many people’s minds.


I find this to be true for me:  The smells, sounds and feel of fall seem to wake me up and make me a bit restless.  I look for a new course to take; I check through my wardrobe for clothes that seem out of date and wonder how to change my style.  Community Choir will start soon, something I anticipate with eagerness.  I start cleaning up my gardening and thinking about new designs for next year.


Fall means change; yet things are not all that different from back in the day when I was having to make the adjustment from summer to the schoolyear.


How about you?  Are there fond memories from your school days?  I’m betting there are some you are happy to forget!  What has changed?  What seems very much the same?


I saw a heart today,
Its love poured out in passion;
It’s melody was sweet
And played in quiet fashion.
I touched a color today,
Its warmth and beauty flowing;
Its fragrance like the sun;
Twas like a flower growing.
I heard a birth today,
Like deafening silence crying;
It sang in harmony,
Crescendoing and dying.
I knew a life today,
Sweet intercourse divine;
I knew it, but it changed,
So encountered this life of mine.



The morning is clear;
It’s a new day.
I set fresh expectationts
And try a different way
To view the world and live;
Express new hope and dreams;
For the old thing I thought
Is not quite like it seems.


I’ll sort through the stones
Of yesterday;
Some I will gladly treasure;
Others I’ll throw away.
There are some stones to keep
With some transformation
That brings out their beauty;
That builds inspiration.


I’ll start with fresh hope;
I’ll sing and pray,
Until my expectations
Chase any gloom away.
I’ll set my gaze forward;
Press into all that’s right.
The dawn of this new day
Is wonderful and bright!


“An encore career is work in the second half of life that combines continued income, greater personal meaning, and social impact. These jobs are paid positions often in public interest fields, such as education, the environment, health, the government sector, social services, and other nonprofits.”  -Wikipedia


As Baby Boomers entered their late 50’s or 60’s, the whole field of “encore careers” was born.  It’s a powerful idea that fits with human development.  It seems that we spend the first half of our lives proving that we are capable and gaining our sense of self worht from this doing.  By the time we reach 35 or 40, we are beginning to change perspective, mostly because we have “been there and done that.”  We have discovered that all the doing in the world doesn’t address the deeper need for meaning and value that cries out within our souls.


By the time we approach our 50’s, we are usually more inwardly motivated.  We are ready to make a statement that expresses our hearts, instead of trying to get approval or join the latest fad.


I say, this authenticity that seems to come with maturity needs to be applied to all aspects of living:  Relationships, work, spiritual life, play, hobbies and self care.  I also believe that anyone at any age can apply the principle of being true to who you are, knowing that you will develop and refine it as you heal and grow.


Because people stay in the work force longer, they tend to change careers several times.  Be encouraged as you walk through this.  I think the primary reason is that our inner world governs our outer one:  AS you discover more about who you are, what you like or don’t like, you might find that your work activity and environment need to change.  Go for it!  Don’t be afraid to take an entry level position:  Learning and building new skills are part of the adventure.


Another powerful factor in career development is finding the right mix of commitment to a job and time for a satisfying personal life.  Again, this may facilitate a career change or two.  There is no shame in this:  You are much more than what you do.


Perhaps the most basic truth behind “encore” careers…or relationships play, hobbies and self care is that who we are trumps what we do.  Words and actions are merely the reflections of our inner person.  I am not entirely convinced that this applies to the second half of life alone; it is simply more recognized by then.


I myself continue to explore and wrestle with my own direction and choices.  I find myself asking  new questions.  Instead of exploring “encore careers,” I am seeking ways to live more authentically.  This begins inwardly.  It is alive, fluid and multi-faceted.  It is part of the journey on which I have been my whole life and won’t end until I go home to Heaven.