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Christmas Dinner

lights_of_the_season_candle_tree_christmas_2560x1440_hd-wallpaper-1640370This year, family is coming to my home for Christmas.
We will spend Christmas Eve decorating, baking and having a bunch in for dinner that evening.
Then, on Christmas Day, it will just be my sisters, their spouses and me.
Our menu:
Roast duck –  Stuffed with fresh lemon, onion and garlic
Twice baked potatoes – filling:  sour cream and chives
Pear/walnut salad – A mix of greens with fresh pears, dried cranberries, walnuts, feta cheese and a vinaigrette
Peas – Fixed very simply
Rolls, olives…
For dessert, an old family recipe called snow pudding:
A light dessert made with gelatin, either lemon or lime, egg whites and sugar, topped with custard sauce and raspberries.

Our wine: Pinot Noir.  That is one of the reasons for having peas:  Somehow, these little green veggies increase the affinity between the duck and wine.

We get a white Christmas this year; in fact, we have to keep an eye on the weather and roads.  It is not at all uncommon for the freeway to be closed.

I have an idea for a sign I might post somewhere:
Presents are lovely, but your presence is treasured”


The Party Everyone Wants to attend


Thursday is a national holiday in the US: Thanksgiving.

This year, I am in charge of the community dinner, which will feed around 200 people.

It’s my first time doing this.  At first, I thought we could make things a little smaller, but the community is so enthusiastic about it, we’ll have to do the whole banana.  Even the entire university football team is coming!

Historically, community Thanksgiving dinners have been for “those who have nowhere to go.”  I have been in that group:  It is a real drag!  It’s also a dilemma:  Somehow, going to the dinner for ones with nowhere to go makes the loneliness more difficult, even though the intent is good.

I am already thinking that I want to change this up for next year:  A real event.  Instead of buying all the stuff, cooking for three days and cleaning up, come party with us!  If there are just two of you and you would like something a bit festive, come on in!

This idea is inspired by one family who is doing just that.  Normally, they go out to the local truck stop for Thanksgiving, but they decided that it would be more fun to come join the community meal and help out.

The football team also inspires this.  They won their playoff game and are headed to the finals, so they had to stay in town.  It will be so much fun to have them.

Then, there are people who have stepped up to help by volunteering, donating and cheering us on.

This year’s dinner will be festive indeed; next year’s?

The party everyone wants to attend!


For those of us who live in the US, Thanksgiving is at hand.  Here is my tribute this year:


Thank you for all blessings,
Tremendous and small.
In good times and seasons;
For harvest in Fall.


for joy and laughter;
Smiles, hugs and tears;
For friends and neighbors
Growing closer through the years.


For hope in the hard times
That helps us move on;
For warm and comfort;
For giving us a song.


Thank you for all things,
Even when we forget
To acknowledge your goodness
You’re our provider yet.


Thanks for new beginnings
That let us start again.
For every treasure,
WE bless you.  Amen.



Here is a song for tomorrow
To fill you with great hope;
To chase away all sorrow;
To strengthen and build you up.
And if you need to borrow
Some peace and joy from me,
Liberally choose to share so
We all sing this melody.

Join in this song for tomorrow
With voices high and low;
Lay down all kinds of sorrow
So that courage will show.
And if one wants to borrow
Some love and strength from you,
Let that one choose to share so
They can add to the song too.

On goes the song for tomorrow;
It builds and grows each day;
Challenging every sorrow;
Chasing darkness away.
No one will have to borrow
There’s plenty to be found
Of love, peace and joy to share so
We pass it all around.


For survival this season,
Start with plenty of cheer.
Add a little peace
And things you hold dear.

Identify the reason
You like holidays so.
Baking, gifts and songs;
Love from those you know.

Then mix them all together,
Shaking them very well.
Add some memories
And stories to tell.

Perhaps some frosty weather
Maybe colorful light.
A heart filled with hope
Makes the season bright.

Then take time to celebrate
With loved ones far and near,
A merry Christmas;
A happy new year.