Christmas Dinner

This year, family is coming to my home for Christmas. We will spend Christmas Eve decorating, baking and having a bunch in for dinner that evening. Then, on Christmas Day, it will just be my sisters, their spouses and me. Our menu: Roast duck –  Stuffed with fresh lemon, onion and garlic Twice baked potatoesContinue reading “Christmas Dinner”

The Party Everyone Wants to attend

Thursday is a national holiday in the US: Thanksgiving. This year, I am in charge of the community dinner, which will feed around 200 people. It’s my first time doing this.  At first, I thought we could make things a little smaller, but the community is so enthusiastic about it, we’ll have to do theContinue reading “The Party Everyone Wants to attend”


For those of us who live in the US, Thanksgiving is at hand.  Here is my tribute this year:   Thank you for all blessings, Tremendous and small. In good times and seasons; For harvest in Fall.   for joy and laughter; Smiles, hugs and tears; For friends and neighbors Growing closer through the years.Continue reading “THANKSGIVING TRIBUTE 2015”


For survival this season, Start with plenty of cheer. Add a little peace And things you hold dear. Identify the reason You like holidays so. Baking, gifts and songs; Love from those you know. Then mix them all together, Shaking them very well. Add some memories And stories to tell. Perhaps some frosty weather MaybeContinue reading “HOLIDAY SURVIVAL KIT”