Start with cucumbers And a good recipe Then anticipate How delicious they’ll be. Get out vinegar And pickling spice, Turmeric, garlic; Dry mustard is nice.   Peel and slice onion; Make sure it’s very thin; Maybe some peppers, Red, yellow and green. You might want some dill Perhaps celery seed; Just be sure you haveContinue reading “HOW TO MAKE PICKLES”


Freshly scrubbed and lined shelves Are bursting With jars full of sunshine. Peaches and apricots Are glowing With delightful goodness. Pickles and relishes Are waiting To spice up winter meals. Large baskets and boxes Are holding Potatoes and squash. Jams, Jellies and sweet things Are spreading Their tempting aromas. Flour, rice, bread and pasta AreContinue reading “THE PANTRY”