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Spring Fever

spring_fever___feel_the_nature_by_manu34-d65zebwIt got up to 52 degrees F today.  I seriously considered going out to do some yard work.  If this were mid October or so and it reached the same mark on the thermometer, I would say it’s too cold to work outside.  The difference?  Spring fever.  True, 52 is warm, compared to say 21.  It’s also quite chilly after being bathed in 90+ degree heat.  But there’s more to spring fever than the change in weather.

There’s this urge to dig into the warming soil and inhale that wonderful smell.  Then, there are the fragrances of spring:  Blossoms of all sorts, freshly mowed lawns and rain washed air.  All of this is intensified by the desire to plant seeds and starts; then nurture them until they produce delicious yummies…or beautiful flowers.

The only cure for spring fever is to get outside.  Warm sun, fresh air, some hard work and accomplishment will surely bring improvement to the most avid gardener.

Happy planting, all.




When I was growing up, we used to get bulb catalogs right about now.  Yes, in the middle of winter, while the snow is blowing into drifts outside and gardening is the least likely activity of the day!
But oh, the flowers!  Page after page of beauty in every shape, size and color.
Now is a good time to think about them; in fact, just trying to name my favorites puts a big smile on my face.  Let’s see, there’s roses, violets, gladiolas, delphinium, lilies, daisies, hollihocks, petunias, pansies,…too many to list…and they’re all my favorites!
What is (are) your favorite(s)?  Why?


She stared out the window,
Though she didn’t really know
why she was watching
For footprints in the snow.

Expectation filled her;
She was apprehensive too,
Studying the ground
For footprints old or new.

There was just a blanket
As far as the eye could see,
Stretching smooth and white;
Where could her darling be?

Then she thought she saw him,
But he seemed quite far away,
It was hard to tell;
She wished that it were day.

She turned from the window
Because she was trembling so;
Then she heard the source
Of footprints in the snow.

He came to her at last;
Such warmth and joy filled her heart;
Held there in his arms,
She knew they’d never part.


Freshly scrubbed and lined shelves
Are bursting
With jars full of sunshine.

Peaches and apricots
Are glowing
With delightful goodness.

Pickles and relishes
Are waiting
To spice up winter meals.

Large baskets and boxes
Are holding
Potatoes and squash.

Jams, Jellies and sweet things
Are spreading
Their tempting aromas.

Flour, rice, bread and pasta
Are showing
Their delicious wholeness.

All who know this bounty
Are sharing
Sweet anticipation.