Update on Felicia

I learned a lot from my experience with this precious dog. She had to return to the Humane Association because she was too agrressive for my home and neighborhood. By the time I took her back, she had threatened a 4-year-old child and killed my cockatiel.  She was already in “Last Chance Saloon” for chasingContinue reading “Update on Felicia”


Today was more like winter than mid fall:  Cold, windy and wet.  I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it freezes tonight…or snows…or both.   Thankfully, my “yarden” is all put to bed.  The hoses are picked up, drained and hung; more delicate bulbs have been dug and put into a box.   Some thingsContinue reading “PUT TO BED”


Twas the night before Christmas And all through the house The animals were talking, Except for the mouse. She was quiet, you see, Because she knew that If she didn’t stay hidden, She’d be food for the cat! “I would like toys,” said the dog, And a nice, new bed.” “Plenty of catnip for me,Continue reading “THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS”


Thunder rumbles; Lightning strikes the ground; Animals run As flames leap all around. Fire crews scramble, Gathering all their gear Wasting no time Emergency is here. Flames lick at trees Dry brush cracks and burns; Wind made by heat Cause flames to dance and churn. Creatures escape On foot and in flight; Hot Shots workContinue reading “FOREST FIRE”


Hello! My name is Galahad, sometimes called “the handsome lad.”  I have a couple of other nicknames, too:  Gally-wags, Big Boy or er, um, Galahaddy. I’m a black lab – English, with brown eyes and a big, toothy smile. I’m retired now. For seven years, I worked, guiding my lady wherever she wanted to go.  IContinue reading “PRESENTING SIR GALAHAD”