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Update on Felicia

I learned a lot from my experience with this precious dog.

She had to return to the Humane Association because she was too agrressive for my home and neighborhood.

By the time I took her back, she had threatened a 4-year-old child and killed my cockatiel.  She was already in “Last Chance Saloon” for chasing a man in my neighborhood and scaring another person.


Returning her and surrendering her to the shelter was an awful experience.  I knew she needed to go; yet I felt like a traitor.


What I learned:

*Some dogs will recover from anxiety disorder and learn to be less aggressive; some need a lot of time, if they get well at all.


*Really check out the rescue organization.  Felicia probably should have been evaluated more thoroughly in the first place.  I hear rumor that she is already up for adoption, something that troubles me:  There is no way that her problems have been solved in only six weeks.

There are organizations that make sure animals are ready for placement; others, not so much.

The consolation is, I have a different puppy.  I had no idea that Felicia was so impaired until I got my new little girl:  She was doing things at 10 weeks that Felicia couldn’t do at 13 months.

At 15 weeks, she is having to work on some of the same things that Felicia was learning at 7 months.  The difference:  She is mastering the lessons.

I will introduce her in my next post.




Today was more like winter than mid fall:  Cold, windy and wet.  I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it freezes tonight…or snows…or both.


Thankfully, my “yarden” is all put to bed.  The hoses are picked up, drained and hung; more delicate bulbs have been dug and put into a box.


Some things will die now:  The basil, marigolds and zinias.  I’ll have to plant new ones next year.


Other things will go dormant:  The maple tree, delphinium, bee balm and such.  Then, when the soil warms and Spring’s happy call awakens them, they will send up new shoots and tender leavs.


A number of birds spend the winter here.  They will find seeds and other delightful bites, at least until the snow covers everything in its cold, white blanket.  Then, they’ll hang out in the elderberry bushes, chattering all at once, like the Ladies’ Aid Society having a gathering.


I am tucked in for winter, too.  The air conditioner is in the closet, replaced by a storm window; in fact all of the extra shelter of winter is in place.


There is a pile of quilts on my bed, instead of the one light blanket of summer.


I am not one to like salad all that much, once the weather turns cold.  Oh, maybe one on the side with hot food for the main course.  Soup, stew and pasta seem more appealing.


I like the change of seasons where I live.  Each one has its beauty.


Right now, while Autumn reigns, we have lovely days with plenty of sunshine mixed with chilly air; a sweater feels so good.


When Winter comes to stay for her season, there will be snowy days that call for favorite music and a pot filled with some yummy, warm comfort food on the stove.


Spring ushers in warmth, fragrance and new beginnings.  I especially love the smell as the earth thaws.


Then, Summer will arrive with her abundance and openness.  Neighbors come out of hiding to greet each other with such joy.


Now, then, is the cozy season, when plants and animals sleep; people gather indoors and the world grows quiet.


Good night, Yarden;  sleep well, little rodents who hybernate; see you in the Spring, bees who enjoy all the flowers, stay warm and safe, okay?



Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the house
The animals were talking,
Except for the mouse.
She was quiet, you see,
Because she knew that
If she didn’t stay hidden,
She’d be food for the cat!

“I would like toys,” said the dog,
And a nice, new bed.”
“Plenty of catnip for me,
Nothing else,” Kitty said,
“I’m not sure how to say this,”
Came the bird’s reply,
“I want presents that bring bliss
Throughout Christmastide.”

“We agree,” cheered the others,
Including the mouse;
Which caused a big commotion
All around the house:
“Get back here!” cried Kitty;
“It’s a well known fact
That mice have always been meant
For a delicious snack!”

But Mouse just started laughing
As she ran away;
“I guess you will go hungry
Till some other day”
She danced and swirled with glee
She squealed in delight.
“That’s enough for now, Kitty,
Until next time, good night!”

So if you ever wonder
What goes on while you sleep;
Whether animals still talk
And company keep,
Relax and remember,
They will never tell
Because they want their secrets
To be hidden so well.


Thunder rumbles;
Lightning strikes the ground;
Animals run
As flames leap all around.

Fire crews scramble,
Gathering all their gear
Wasting no time
Emergency is here.

Flames lick at trees
Dry brush cracks and burns;
Wind made by heat
Cause flames to dance and churn.

Creatures escape
On foot and in flight;
Hot Shots work late
Battling into the night.

Over at last,
The danger is gone,
Landscape left black,
But the battle is won.

Season of rest;
New plants start to grow;
Signs of fire yet
On forest floor below.

Animals return
In herds, flocks and bands;
Helping to form
Renewed life in the land.


My name is Galahad, sometimes called “the handsome lad.”  I have a couple of other nicknames, too:  Gally-wags, Big Boy or er, um, Galahaddy.

I’m a black lab – English, with brown eyes and a big, toothy smile.
I’m retired now.
For seven years, I worked, guiding my lady wherever she wanted to go.  I found countless doors, seats and curbs I always made sure she avoided poles, overhangs and the like.
I kept her walking straight when we crossed streets and led her through crowds of people so that she didn’t bump anyone.

I liked working… but I thoroughly enjoy retirement.
Once a week, my lady, our neighbor and I go get coffee (and dog treats, my personal favorite;) then we go to the park.  My lady calls it the dog library, pee-riodical section.  I absolutely love going there!  Sometimes we take walks or just hang out; what a life!

I was born in San Rfael, California at a place called Guide Dogs for the Blind.
When I was two months old, I went to live with a family in the State of Washington.  I went to school everyday.
I learned to ride the ferry:  That was fun!
Then, I was sent back to San Rafael, where I fathered eight puppies – Am I a man!
Next, I was sent to the Oregon campus, where I eventually met my lady.  We graduated, and well, you know the rest.