I would like your help:
I am planning to apply for a graduate program in poetry at University.  Part of the application process is to submit 10-15 pages of my own work.
Vote for your favorites in the comments on this page.  If you have more than one favorite, please number them from the one you like best to the one you like less.
Remember, this is for University.
T H A N K S  SO  M U C H !!!!




If you become quiet enough to listen,
You’ll be delighted to hear
The voices of Earth that speak softly:
A breath whispering in evergreens,
Babbling water that flows along;
The gentle flutter of sparrow’s wings
The hum of insects and bird song.
Step away from all clammering noises
Into the stillness a while
So you can discover the secret
Of music found in a heartbeat;
Poetic expressions of love;
The inward song of melody sweet;
Eternal words from God above.
Only in the silence of solitude
Can you hear the gentle things
Expressed in riddles and subtlety:
Paradoxes of life and death;
The pain and victory of growing;
Blood pumped through vessels, fullness of breath;
Peace and comfort found in knowing.
If you can perceive with all that you are
You will come to understand
There is a living symphony
With its intruments great and small,
Playing such beautiful harmony,
Orchestrated for one and all.


Majestic white castles float in deep, crystal blue.
Sunbeams cut through frosty air to kiss our faces.
The first woodsmoke of the season fills our nostrils
With pungent fragrance that warms and delights us.
Corduroy feels good.


Happy feet shuffle through dry leaves on the sidewalk.
Freshly picked apples crack at the first, delicious bite.
Children at recess, football teams, bands and cheers;
Bring in the schoolyear, a season of change.

Fall brings a new start.


Trees and bushes dress up in every bright color,
Fields are full of winter squash, pumpkins and potatoes.
Days once long and warm fade into cold, frosty nights,
Enticing us to reach for cozy blankets.
Winter will soon come.


Sunlight that dances upon a clear stream;
Clouds that float by as though caught in a dream.
Old gentleman with a smile on his face;
New tablecloth with embroidery and lace.
Fall leaves and snowflakes all join in the reel;
Birds in the spring sky who soar, dip and wheel.
Ripe fruit of summertime, juicy and sweet;
On plays the music with such joyful beat.
Singing in harmony, dancing along;
Let all things living come join in the song.
Things soft and quiet or things loud and bright;
Creatures of daytime and those of the night.


The door was large and ornate
Heavy and beautiful
With a brass handle
And a stained glass window.
I tried to open it,
It was too cumbersome for me.
The door was old and classic,
Stately and intriguing,
Made out of dark wood
With no window at all.
I didn’t open it;
Its secrets were hidden from me.
The door was cracked and broken,
Worn from years of neglect;
So full of splinters
And a shattered window
No need to open it;
There is nothing inside for me.
Then I found a simple door
A bit small and narrow;
Made with love and care
Full of invitation.
I gladly opened it
A step in my homeward journey.


I saw a heart today,
Its love poured out in passion;
It’s melody was sweet
And played in quiet fashion.
I touched a hope today,
Its warmth and beauty flowing;
Its fragrance like the sun;
Twas like a flower growing.
I heard a grief today,
Like deafening silence crying;
It mourned in harmony,
Crescendoing and dying.
I knew a life today,
Sweet intercourse divine;
I knew it, and it changed,
So encountered this life of mine.
Apricots, pineapple, pectin, sugar…
A summer afternoon, not too hot, with a nice breeze;
Favorite music or sounds drifting in through open windows;
Fourteen little jars full of sunshine now sit on the stove.
Soon they will sit on the shelf with others,
Made from cherries, raspberries and pure enjoyment,
Ready to greet and cheer on a cold winter morning;
Comforting pleasure mixes with butter on crisp toast.


Adorned in white;
Jeweled with diamons and crystals;
Exquisit in their lofty ways;
Standing with such grandeur;
Taking our breath away
In awe as we
Contemplate our own smallness.
My journey started years ago,
When I was very small;
So tiny, in fact, I couldn’t be seen;
When no one knew me at all.
My travels went on through childhood,
Continued in my youth;
Taking me deeper in wisdom and grace
As I sought life, love and truth.
My path has led me to places
That seem dark and unclear;
With mysteries that could not be uncovered;
Yet intrigued and drew me near.
I ventured on to brighter days
That healed and strengthened me;
Then filled with courage, I continued on
My quest for reality.
And so it goes as I move on,
Traveling this life-long road,
I live as I was created to be
And find treasures yet to hold.
Old gray house up on the hill,
Standing brave against the wind,
Oh, the stories you know still,
Told of times back then.
When the builders set your frame
And put your windows in;
In your hearth a warming flame;
Life in you could begin.
Then your family moved in you,
First dad and mom, then children,
A simple house, home so true
So welcoming a friend.
Children grow and people change
But you, oh house, remain.
New ones paint and rearrange;
Yet you are still the same.
Local folk and passers by
Admire your beauty worn,
They might often wonder why
You look so very forlorn.
If they knew the things you’d seen
And heard the lovely sound
Of happy family gathering,
In loving clamor ’round,
They might want to come inside
and live in you once more,
To know contentment and such pride,
That lived in you before.
Old gray house up on the hill,
I admire you each day,
And hope that, someday, someone will
Within your shelter stay.

Put one old thing away;
Look for one thing new;
Lay down one old lie
To pick up something true.
Then when you finish sorting;
When all is neat and clean;
Begin to gather treasures;
Start again to dream.
Relief from one old pain;
One fond memory shared;
One friend remembered;
Delighted that you care.
And as you join together
To keep each other strong,
May you find joyful music;
Your heart’s living song.


I’m searching for something
That I’ve never found before;
I constantly look,
But I don’t know what for.
It doesn’t have substance yet,
But I know that it’s real;
It comes from my heart;
From all that I feel.
I can almost point to it;
Almost give it a name;
Yet somehow, it eludes me,
Like a ghostly flame.
Do you know what it is
That I am longing to find?
Neither do I
Though I see it in my mind.
If you discover it;
If you have half a clue,
Please be sure to tell me,
So I can thank you.
I remembered to send you flowers,
With colors bright and bold;
A touch of cheer and splendor,
To express feelings untold.
Whispers and sweet expressions of life
That call us deeper still,
Until we know the secrets
Hidden in heart, mind and will.
Such precious gifts of inspiration
To kindle fresh desire;
To awaken dreams and promise;
To intensify hope’s fire.
Red can be the color for passion;
Yellow for joyful days;
Pink and orange will cheer the heart;
Purple for courage always.
The hiker started up the path;
The way was quite unknown.
He had a compass and a map;
Still he seemd to be alone.
Step by step he walked along,
Breathing mountain air.
He watched the land and hummed a song;
He said a silent prayer.
On and on he walked that day,
Up one hil and down;
Through glen and vale, in sand and rock,
Till camp for night he found.
Then, in the morn, he went on,
His courage and strength renewed.
Crossing streams and hills beyond,
Until his goal he viewed.
But he would have to stop and rest;
The journey seemed so long!
Even though he’d done his best,
And benn so brave and strong.
So he slept and rose again
To face another day,
Seeking, walking around each bend;
The trek goes on that way.
Finally, at last he came
To a land so rich and fair,
He could not contain the flame
Of joy and hope felt there.
But still he had to journey on;
Two days, or three, or four.
To rest at night and rise at dawn,
To search; then walk some more.
Then, one day, he climbed a hil,
And saw with great surprise,
His destination with great thrill;
he could not believe his eyes!
This lovely place for which he strove,
It’s beauty unsurpassed.
His heart was filled with praise and love;
He had come home at last!
I am a mosaic
Of feelings, thoughts and moods;
Tiny pieces of glass,
Put together
Until there is a picture
Of me.
Cheerful pinks and yellows
Join blues and greens to shine;
Telling happy stories
Of memories
Of hopes, joys, dreams and wishes
To be.
Then there’s whine and purple:
No error in spelling here!
Dark, subdued grays and brown
Set without cheer;
Put there by hard times and pain
In me.
Reds and oranges speak out
To tell of angry thoughts:
Of fear and injustice
Strong words and deeds
Battles lost and victory
To see.
Gold and mauve, black and white
Fill out the picture here
Of places not yet formed;
Yet unconceived,
Where past and future will meet
as me.




Fluffy outside;
White fur neat and clean.
But one who looked closely
Saw black stripes between
Strips of fake fur,
Meant to look tame;
A tiger in disguise
Has a soul hot as flame.
Manicured nails;
Her paws neat enough;
But one look in her eyes
Showed that she was tough.
She had a loud purr
With a strange sound;
The tiger in disguise
Needed to get around.
One day, the mirror
Reflected her frown:
She had grown weary
Of fitting in town.
She shook off her fur
Laid down the mask:
The tiger in disguise
Will be herself at last.
Freedom is hers
In sincerity
Of heart and expression;
True integrity.
Now her mighty roar
Is strong and full
The tiger in disguise
Is herself and very whole.
I’ve been told
There’s a treasure somewhere,
So I study the map
and make my plans.
I prepare
Getting equipment and gear;
I buy the right clothing
And set a date.
I arrive
To find a vast expanse;
Will I find anything
That’s valuable?
I press on,
I stumble and get lost;
But I must keep searching
Until it’s mine.
First one place;
Then I try another.
But I only find trash
and cut myself.
Once I find
A beautiful trinket,
So priceless and lovely;
I am encouraged.
such hard work,
But I do some each day.
This treasure’s important:
It’s my self.

A slice,
Then, “Crack”
The green shell gives way
To juicy, red, sweet goodness.
One bite,
Then, “Mmmm”
Cool melon bursts;
Almost liquid sugar fills my mouth.
A sigh,
Then, “Ah!”
Fills me so that I smile.
When I’m still enough to listen,
My soul whispers to me.
She tells me many secrets
About what is and what could be.
Often, her whisper is singing
Or poetry and rhyme.
Once she spoke in cries and wails;
I hear her whispers all the time.
I find her to be elusive,
If I try hard to hear,
It seems that she moves away;
Perhaps she tries to disappear.
I know to treat her with honor
And show her love each day.
That’s when she is most happy
So that she has plenty to say.
19.  WIND
I am a whisper,
Dancing in trees.
Soft and gentle in your hair;
A subtle, cool touch
Just a playful child,
Stirring up sand;
Chasing dry leaves down the street
With happy laughter.
I am strong and bold,
Heralding storms;
Driving in clouds full of rain;
A mighty presence.
I am a workman,
Powering ships;
Turning the great wind turbines;
Bringing refreshment.
I am everywhere,
Found high and low;
Essential to everything;
The breath of life.
Crystal giants stand tall and proud
With their feet swaddled in a thick white blanket.
Their jewels sparkle in winter sunlight,
Accenting green wrapped in snowy shawls.
Courageous birds spread their wings
They soar in the ice blue canopy of sky,
Searching this land of wondrous splendor;
Looking down from lofty vantage points.
The shadows fall long and blue,
While Mother Earth lies quietly in slumber,
A snowy quilt tucked around herself,
Until Spring’s warm call awakens her.

17 thoughts on “FAVORITE POEMS

  1. I have read the first ten. They are all awesome poems. You are definitely a great poet. Among those I’ve read, the second is my best followed by the first. But they are all good. The best of luck.

    1. I like comments, so add all you want.
      Thanks for choosing poems. The next step is for them to go to the “Final Choices” file.
      Have a good day.

  2. We like 2, 11 & 20. May we advice to avoid words in capitals and tittles all in capitals, because this is considered as shouting, and an aggressive act(so use such way of titling when not so intended do not use full capitals. (As you can see in our reblogging we took time to change the capitals.)

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