My black lab is almost 13 years old.  This is what it’s like to send him outside for a relieving break:

“Galahad, go do your business.”

“Now, why am I out here?  I can’t remember.”


“Oh, that’s an interesting smell!  I’ll check it out…”


“Maybe I’m out here to find some cat poop to eat…No, that can’t be it; my boss gets mad at me when I do that.”

(“Wa wa wa wa wa.”)

“I know my boss just said something…I didn’t quite get that.”


“Maybe I’m out here to chase the cat!”

Dog and Cat

First, though, I really have to pee.  I’ll do that.”


“Hey, my boss is pleased.  I wonder if that’s why I was sent out here.  Oh well,…”


4 thoughts on “HOW AN OLD DOG THINKS

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