Cobwebs in corners;
Stalks from last year’s plants;
Boxes and Christmas wrap;
Ski gear, parkas and snow pants;
Where did all this come from?
How could this mess be!
It wasn’t here yesterday,
Was it?
Things pile up
So insidiously.


Somewhere in corners,
Out of conscious sight;
Hazy memories linger;
Collected through years of life.
Where did all this come from?
How did I not see!
It seems like just yesterday,
Was it?
Time piles up
So insidiously.


Desires in corners;
Dreams of things to come;
Marriage, work and children;
A happy future at home.
Where did all this go to?
Why could this not be?
Such hope was here yesterday,
Was it?
Life happens


Wisdom on corners
Where paths split in two;
Leading in directions
We never thought to be true.
Where did all this come from?
How could such things be?
They weren’t here yesterday,
Were they?
We grow up
So mysteriously.


7 thoughts on “SPRING CLEANING

  1. Absolutely beautiful! This is exactly what I needed to read, it brought a smile to my face. I’ve been feeling just like this! So confused and dazed at where everything has gone; time, opportunities, sleep and it really brought comfort.

    • Oh, Victoria, that’s so good! I am especially blessed and honored when I can encourage and comfort another person. Take heart; move forward with courage and hope.

  2. Hi! Loved “Spring Cleaning.” So very true about life. And to me, THINGS pile up!
    “Time piles up so insidiously.” (make that an “s” please. Sorry can’t help myself.)

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