For the past couple of weeks, news services have been reporting on the discovery of gravitational waves:  Something predicted by Albert Einstein a hundred years ago.


My thought is this:  Oh the secrets kept from us until just the right time!  There have been gravitational waves since the beginning of creation; we’re just discovering them.  We don’t really understand them and what they do at this point; we only get that they exist.  Who knows:  Perhaps this will be the key to space travel!


I am excited!  This might seem a bit odd, but I thoroughly enjoy mystery, paradoxes and the call to explore farther.  What other wonderful secrets are waiting to be sought out and uncovered?  With all that we have learned and invented, there is so much more that we have not even imagined!


Part of my concept, and to be honest, hope for Heaven is that we will be discovering, learning and creating without limits.  Why not?  God is Creator; we are made in His image.


12 thoughts on “SECRETS

  1. Wanted to leave a very Happy Birthday wish for you. Hope you have an awesome day filled with joy & laughter, but most of all love!

  2. Well, without all those mysteries to uncover it would be a bit boring. I don’t think they will ever end, though. Which is one of the most wonderful things about the world and people.

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