Something wonderful happens when people get together to share music.  There’s a synergy about it that makes the warmth and delight so much greater than the songs themselves.


I think that is my favorite thing about recitals.  They are gatherings of people ranging in age from 6 to 60-ish, all performing the ppieces they have spent time learning.  Not everyone plays well.  Today, for example, two children really got lost in their piano pieces.  It doesn’t matter:  The audience still applauds and encourages them to keep trying.  Others play quite well and get to enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that.  All of this builds camaraderie.


I especially love the young ones.  They are so proper about introducing their offering and play with such diligence.  Not only that, they’re just plain cute!


Music is a language that crosses all sorts of barriers:  Age, ability, gender,  culture, belief and orientation.  I have often been intrigued when I encounter this:  People who normally would not be in the same proximity, let alone talk to each other, seem to let their guard down and become quite approachable.  They will visit with and smile at the same ones that they had ignored or avoided earlier:  Fascinating!  This is most true when people sing a familiar song.  Perhaps it is that there is a certain vulnerability about joining hearts, minds and voices that way.


I wonder:  Would this be a way to greater peace in the world?


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