This was inspired by a “rant” I read earlier.  My experience is that people often mean well, but have no idea about the pain they cause when they step in to “help.”


Please don’t make excuses for me.
If people ask, just smile;
Let me answer for myself,
Even if it takes a while.


Please don’t make your own excuses;
Instead, speak truth to me.
Trust me to understand you;
Let’s walk with integrity.


Lay down excuses for the world.
We have power to do right;
We choose to build or tear down;
Helplessness is not our plight.


Excuses are not what I want;
Instead I look for truth;
To embrace the whole matter;
To go to its very root.


When you are tempted to excuse,
Please remember my word.
Allow me the dignity
Of knowing and being heard.



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