English really isn’t all that tough;
It certainly should be easy enough;
Unless you make bread dough
Or have a bad cough;
Found a pine bough;
Make your way through…
Okay, it can be a bit rough!


Well then, let’s try this another way,
Unless it’s about pounds; then we’ll have to weigh;
If it’s from milk, it could be whey;
This could get confusing, eh!
There’s prey or pray, slay or sleigh;
A day of the week known as Sunday
Or syrup on ice cream for a sundae.


In a conversation, are you talking about him?
Or was the topic concerning a hymn?
It could be both, as in two;
Or it could be also too.
Oh, the english language could confuse you,
A good place to think might be under a yew,
Holding a lamb and petting a ewe.


We might ask some linguists, but they’re
In a meeting, discussing it there.
This dilemma truly is real,
To the point it will make you reel!
It’s true that we have all been taught,
So it stands to reason that we ought
To figure this puzzle out,
But there is no doubt
English is at least half
A reason to have a good laugh!


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