In mid summer, when the temperature soars, salad is so delicious!

But now, the thermometer can’t seem to get above 40F and really seems to like plummeting into the 20’s.  Salad?  No, thank you:  Too chilling.

It’s soup season:  Hot, warming, comfort food in a bowl.

There are so many variations:  Made from broth, thick and creamy, full of noodles or rice, spicy or not.

My family says I make stoup.  That would be soup with so many goodies in it, one might think of it as stew; yet there is plenty of broth, so a spoon is needed to eat it.

Forget cold soups this time of year – No cucumber, peach or gazpacho for me!

I’m into hot and cozy.

Oh, and pass the warm bread to go with it, please.


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