I am often intrigued and delighted by the simple things we can do to feel better and live well.  None  of them have anything to do with prescriptions or OTC’s; every last one is immediately available and easy to do.


Walking or some other form of moderate exercise is one example.  Numerous studies show that one half hour of moderate physical activity will cure depression and prevent relapse as effectively as antidepressants.


Another study I once read indicated that five minutes of moderate exercise lowers the frequency and intensity of migraines.  Similar research found that people with Fibromyalgia experience significant improvement in their quality of sleep and how they feel with five to fifteen minutes of moderate activity.


There are all sorts of foods and herbs that have incredible properties of healing and pain relief, too numerous to list here.  I do have a couple of favorites:  Ginger relieves nausea and stomach pain.  It is safe enough to give to infants and nursing mothers.  Garlic is an all-round good antimicrobial.  I know people who eat a raw clove of this power-gem every day as a preventative measure.


Now for one of my absolute favorites:

There is a wonderful tool that each of us has at his or her disposal, anywhere, anytime.


It will stop an anxiety attack, reduce pain, lower blood pressure help to induce sleep and increase energy.


It’s true!  Simply breathing will do all of these and more.
Here’s how it works:
Breathe in through your nose;
Then exhale through your mouth.

Repeat this process, taking slower and deeper breaths each time, until you get the desired results.


“Yeah, sure,” you say.

My clients used to have the same reaction, until I guided them through the process and their pain or panic attack went away.


So simple and available; absolutely powerful…with no negative side effects.


Try it; then come back and share the results with us.


5 thoughts on “SIMPLY BREATHE

  1. Coincidental that I only discovered about ginger a few days ago whilst Googling a cure for nausea. The breathing one I knew about. I think it especially works because it works wit the lymph system to fight disease. It’s always the simple things we overlook isn’t it?

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