Thank you, Mahek Mithare, for nominating me for the Beautiful Blogger Award.  I am honored.
Do check out Mahek at
You are sure to find interesting, amusing and thought-provoking articles there.
Next, I nominate the following bloggers:
Rules are:
*Thank the person who nominated you
*Nominate seven other bloggers and let them know that you did.
*Share seven random things about yourself.
7 random things about me
I like to cook…basic, natural foods
I play piano, dulcimer and guitar
I live in a small town and really enjoy it.
If asked what my favorite flower is, I’d have to answer with a very long list.
I am fond of dark chocolate  and goood coffee
Autumn is my favorite season of the year
I have a cockatiel named Oliver, who scolds the cat when she misbehaves..and she minds him!


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