My front yard used to be known as the neighborhood weed patch.  The year after I moved into this place, I turned it into a garden, so I call it my “yarden.”


This year, we had just the right mix of warm weather and spring rain, so the yarden really flourished.  Umm, that includes the weeds.


For the first time in the three summers I have had the yarden, there were also lots of bees.  I had some last year, but nothing like this growing season.  They started early, in the chive blossoms, and have increased in number as plants have come into bloom.  I bet their honey is

plenty spicy:  They have especially frequented the rosemary, oregano and basil.  They also like the strawberry patch, melons, cucumbers, pumpkins and squash.  Hollihocks caught their attention, as did the bee balm.


One day, I was planning to dig up some button weed.  When I got out there, however, it was full of bees, so I left it.  I also discovered that they like dandelion blossoms.


All of this has inspired me to think about a bee friendly place as I develop the yarden even more.  I can’t say I am happy about leaving weeds; so I am searching for the right ground covers and plants to add.  I will leave some of the bees’ favorites, even if they are not my idea of “desirable”, until I find good replacements.  I have also found instructions for making a bee bath.
I invite suggestions.  Are there things that you have noticed the bees really liking?  I live in zone 6:  Our coldest temperatures can be as low as -10, though that doesn’t happen all that often.


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