I have often told my pastor that I feel like a tiger, trying to masquerade as a house cat.

With that in mind, here is my poetic advice for how to tame a tiger:

Don’t pull her whiskers
Or ruffle her fur;
Give her plenty of treats
That cause her to purr.
Find ways to compliment,
That delight and please her;
Avoid words and actions
That might hurt or tease her.

Give her what she wants;
Let her have her own way,
At least let her think so,
Or for sure, you will pay.
If you must correct her,
Speak words with loving care;
Tell her she’s doing well;
A tiger great and rare!

She really is  soft,
But won’t let you think so,
Till she knows that it’s safe
So her courage can grow.
With a little patience,
Some compassion and wit,
You’ll tame your pet tiger…
At least a little bit.


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