Start with cucumbers
And a good recipe
Then anticipate
How delicious they’ll be.
Get out vinegar
And pickling spice,
Turmeric, garlic;
Dry mustard is nice.


Peel and slice onion;
Make sure it’s very thin;
Maybe some peppers,
Red, yellow and green.
You might want some dill
Perhaps celery seed;
Just be sure you have
Everything you need.


Once you have them made,
You can put them away
To brew and season
Till some winter day
When they’ll taste so good
With sandwiches and such;
On top of burgers
To add a nice touch.


Then there are pickles
Of the unwanted sort
That leave one frustrated,
Irritable and short;
They’re not for eating
Or enjoyment you see;
But a messy plight;
A big quandary.


These kinds of pickles
Are obviously not sweet;
I prefer the ones
Meant for us to eat.
So get out the cucs
The vinegar and spice
To make the real things;
That’s my best advice.


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