This song is dedicated to my nephew and Godson, John Hendrik, who went home to Jesus today.  He was 23.

John had a disease called Epidermalysis Bullosa, which caused him constant pain because of his ever-present wounds.  I believe that Jesus gave John the choice to stay or go with Him.  John chose to go home, where he no longer struggles.  Now he is free and healthy.



by Brian Doerkson


I will be Yours
You will be mine
Together in eternity
Our hearts of love will be entwined
Together in eternity
Forever in eternity
No more tears of pain in our eyes
No more fear or shame
For we will be with You
Yes, we will be with you.
No more tears;
No more pain;
No more fear;
No more shame…


Nothing will come between us when we come home.

We will worship, we will worship You forever.


I love you, John.


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