Robins chirping, the cooing of doves and chickadee song;
Air filled with the pungeant fragrance of pine;
Warm sun mixed with the cooleness of the morning breeze;
What a beautiful morning!


Roses, lilies and delphinium share their loveliness;
Fruits and vegetables offer their goodness;
Their perfumes and colors add to the day’s music;
What a beautiful morning!


2 thoughts on “BEAUTIFUL MORNING

  1. You triggered a fun memory! For a lot of my growing up years, Dad would roust our household by making the rounds from bedroom to bedroom, singing “Oh What a Beautiful Morning” – only he would sing off-key on purpose and would make up lyrics as he went along, to suit the events of the day or whatever was on his mind. He would linger at your doorway until you showed clear signs of being awake and willing to get up. One of those things we rolled our eyes at back then, but treasure now. I will always make that association when I hear that song….or even when my friend writes a blog entry with those words in the title!

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