What is your fondest memory about the Christmas tree?
Mine is this:
We always went out into the woods to cut our tree.
Then we would come home to a warm house, which was exquisite after being in the cold.
We put Christmas music on while we decorated it.

I couldn’t really see the tree or its decorations, but I could see the lights.  I could never decide which version I liked better:
With my glasses on, I could see each light, joining together to make  a pyramid of different colors.  Each bulb made its own lovely statement.
Then again, if I took my glasses off, I saw a collage of colors, melting together into a beautiful shape.
Oh, choices, choices!
Now I don’t get a tree, mostly because I have a cat who thinks its her private jungle gym.  Not only that, she likes to munch on it.
I still have the memory, though.
Happy Christmas tree decorating.


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