As I read what some of the younger women on WordPress have posted about fashion and style, I started thinking about my own ideas.
Since I am unable to see, I can’t look at all of the pics to determine what might work for me, but a couple of descriptions caught my attention.  One was wearing a skort over tights.  I have often wondered about that.
My personal style is what I would describe as youthful without being too young for my age, friendly, mostly casual with a touch of dress up to it and modest but not frumpy.
I like jeans, leggings, tights, some dresses, sweaters and tunics – probably especially tunics.
I don’t wear heels.  I never really have, since I walk a lot.  I do like boots and comfy shoes.  One friend of mine has influenced me so that I have more than one really bright colored pair.  including my black ones with rainbows on the soles and brrrright pink laces.
I love earrings and have quite a collection of them.  I don’t wear large ones because I’m not that big and my hair is somewhat short.
make up?  Lipstick.  I have learned how to apply different things, but can’t see, so don’t have a sense of improvement if I bother with all that.
So here’s a question:  What is your opinion about how women should dress at various ages?  what do you think when you see a younger woman in more conservative clothes or an older woman in youthful styles?

I have heard more than one comment that older women should not have long hair; yet I know some who do and enjoy it.  What is your sense of that?

How about body piercings?


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I am like a rich tapestry, full of texture and color. I'm a musician, composer, poet, gardener, homemaker and friend. I worked as anLCSW for 22 years; as a socialworker for 26 years all told. Before that, I was a rehabilitation teacher. My passion is to come alongside others; to empower and bless them. That is why you will find plenty of variety in my blog. Two very important things to know about me is that I am a life-long learner - An explorer and sojourner. I also belong to the Lord, before you get tweeked out: I am not saying I am "religious." There is a huge difference between all of the rules and empty practice that often gets associated with Christianity and the kind of life that comes from being in a relationship with the loving God. May you find encouragement, inspiration, insight, good ideas and a laugh or two as you read my posts and comments.


  1. RE: fashion, I’m a fan of VARIETY and freedom of expression when it comes to hairstyle, cutting edge , conservative, etc. Immodesty is never attractive. What is disconcerting to see is when a woman’s attire seems to reflect her own dissatisfaction, as in the 50 -yr -old who dresses just like a teenager, with a kind of desperate attempt to disguise her age. On the other hand, there is the mature woman who can pull off trendy, young looks with confidence – that’s a fun sight to see! I have a friend who is more stout than some. She has an intense and cheerful disposition. She wears big hats and giant, clunky accessories and it’s just cheery and bright and fabulous. it suits her bold personality! I, on the other hand, feel encumbered and ostentatious with large jewelry and would feel totally conspicuous in a hat. Red high heels, big hair, shimmery blouses, body art and piercings all have their place. They look best on the humble, selfless woman whose identity and confidence is in Jesus.

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