Bean soup is one of those things that gets whatever I take a notion to put into it.  Tonight’s has black, pinto and white northern beans, kamut, lentils, cilanthro, cumin, bay leaf, a somewhat finely chopped carrot, onion, lots of garlic and a pinch of salt…oh yeah, and about half of a jalapeno pepper that I harvested and froze a year ago.
I’ll let it sit till tomorrow so the flavors work together; then it will be ready to eat.
Soup is especially good, once fall comes.  In the summer, I want salad.
My mother was one who liked soup year-round.  It could be pushing 100 degrees and she would fix a bowl.  I could never see how:  Too hot for my liking!
Get to November, however, and all sorts of ideas for soup come to mind.
There are at least three things I really appreciate about this simple concoction:
*It’s inexpensive
*It’s easy to make
*It’s nutrient dense – lots of nutrition; not that many calories

The best quality, however:  It’s warm, comfortable food.
So then, choose a bowl, fill it with your favorite soup and “belly up to the bar”  or tummy up to the table!


2 thoughts on “BEAN SOUP

  1. My next soup is going to be “stuffed pepper soup”. Basically it’s a bell pepper (I use red because it doesn’t “come back on me” quite so bad), hamburger, rice, and tomato.

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