I live in a lovely garden
With plants of all shapes and kinds.
Some with sweet fragrances, others  like spice;
A few more subtle, some not so nice,
many that spread, one that climbs.

There are roses in my garden
With large blossoms, yes and thorns,
Whose colors vary from pale to deep red;
Some have gone wild, most are hybrid;
One is  the color of corn.

Some plants in my garden are weeds,
Growing there against my will,
Robbing the soil and taking up space;
Spreading seeds, taking the place;
Pulling them gives me a thrill.

My garden has bushes and trees
With flowers and fruit so sweet.
Strawberries and apples, peaches and pears;
Delightful to eat, fun to share;
Refreshing in summer’s heat.

I don’t mind tending my garden;
In fact, I like it quite well.
Hard work and anticipation bring life;
My heart becomes still, free from strife;
It’s loveliness casts a spell.


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