When we fall and skin a knee, it takes a day or two; then there’s a scab.  Before we know it, the wound is gone.

Some wounds take longer.  A broken leg needs more time than a cut finger; neurological injuries take at least two years.

so it is with the human soul.  There are the bumps in life that “skin a knee.”  They will heal in a short period of time.  Then there are the severe injuries that may heal in a lot of years.

The process for the promotion of healing looks a little different; yet it is pretty much the same:
Cleanse the wound – With soap and water for physical ones; with forgiveness for soulful ones.
Put salve on it – With ointment for physical ones; with love and comfort for soulful ones.
Cover it – With a dressing for physical ones; with thoughts and actions that create positivity for soulful ones.
Give it time – That works for both kinds.

Some physical wounds need to be immobilized in order to heal properly:  a broken bone or sprain.  Then, they’ll need physical therapy.
Again, this works with our souls.  There are places and activities we might need to avoid for some time because they re-injure us or put too much stress on an existing wound.
Then, it’s time for therapy, which can occur in a number of ways.  The point would be to get those soulful muscles, tendens, joints and the like to work well again.  that might include professional counseling, art, music, journalizing or plenty of walks in the forest.
The hope in all of this:  We are built to heal; it is happening.


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