In Fall it’s time to put to bed
All tender flowers
And gently spread
A blanket of mulch
To keep them warm;
While the icy winds blow
The world hardens, the ice and snow
Turns everything white,
Quiet and cold;
And people bask in firelight.

Beneath the winter snow there lies
A world of creatures,
Not dead, but alive.
They sleep and rest
Until the warmth of Spring
Awakens them and again they bring
Blossoms, and fragrance,
Buzzing of wings
To join in the music of life.

Oh birds and ants, all creatures know
It is time to fly
Or dig below
To prepare a place
For safe retreat
While strong icy fingers
Reach into cracks and cold lingers;
Then spring’s warm return
Joyfully brings her
Presence to cheer each heart so.


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