People arrive with delicious treats,
Carefully prepared;
You’d think this is a famous cook off,
But it’s not;
It’s a neighborhood potluck.

Ah here comes Mrs. Smith with goulash
So tantalizing;
And here comes Jane with berry cobbler
It’s still hot
And delicious with ice cream.

Moms and dads, children and dogs all come,
Ready to indulge
In food, conversation and friendship
  They are taught
To treasure each other above all.


*As a matter of fact, my neighborhood has a potluck tomorrow night.  This was written with that in mind.



  1. So we had our potluck-picnic Monday evening. There were BBQ-ed hamburgers, pasta salads, chips, salsa and cookies. Most of all, there was plenty of good conversation. We plan to have another gathering in October. My belief that neighbors getting together is vital for a healthy city and nation is growing.

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