The door was large and ornate
Heavy and beautiful
With a brass handle
And a stained glass window.
I tried to open it,
It was too cumbersome for me.

The door was old and classic,
Stately and intriguing,
Made out of dark wood
With no window at all.
I didn’t open it;
Its secrets were hidden from me.

The door was cracked and broken,
Worn from years of neglect;
So full of splinters
And a shattered window
No need to open it;
There is nothing inside for me.

Then I found a simple door
A bit small and narrow;
Made with love and care
Full of invitation.
I gladly opened it
A step in my homeward journey.


4 thoughts on “DOORWAYS

  1. “Doorways” made me smile! You put a good deal of thought into the imagery! The puzzle I am working has 8 rows of 8 doors, each fabulously unique, with a variety of materials and colors and designs. Working the puzzle inspires all kinds of prayers and meditations. Here’s one: I read in John Mark Comer’s book, “My Name Is Hope” that repentance is like going home… re-entering our Father’s house and joyfully submitting to the rights and responsibilities that come with being under His roof, so to speak.

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