My name is Galahad, sometimes called “the handsome lad.”  I have a couple of other nicknames, too:  Gally-wags, Big Boy or er, um, Galahaddy.

I’m a black lab – English, with brown eyes and a big, toothy smile.
I’m retired now.
For seven years, I worked, guiding my lady wherever she wanted to go.  I found countless doors, seats and curbs I always made sure she avoided poles, overhangs and the like.
I kept her walking straight when we crossed streets and led her through crowds of people so that she didn’t bump anyone.

I liked working… but I thoroughly enjoy retirement.
Once a week, my lady, our neighbor and I go get coffee (and dog treats, my personal favorite;) then we go to the park.  My lady calls it the dog library, pee-riodical section.  I absolutely love going there!  Sometimes we take walks or just hang out; what a life!

I was born in San Rfael, California at a place called Guide Dogs for the Blind.
When I was two months old, I went to live with a family in the State of Washington.  I went to school everyday.
I learned to ride the ferry:  That was fun!
Then, I was sent back to San Rafael, where I fathered eight puppies – Am I a man!
Next, I was sent to the Oregon campus, where I eventually met my lady.  We graduated, and well, you know the rest.


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