In the US, National Animals’ Rights Day was June 8.
While that particular day is past, it’s still June, so Priscilla would like to share her story:

I don’t remember being picked up out of the feed trough; I was still a baby, just 3 months old.
I was on a farm, dumped there by the people who had my mommy.  I didn’t know how to hunt or find water – no one had taught me that.
Finally, I was so thirsty and hungry, but I didn’t have any strength left.
I nudged my brother, but he didn’t move.  There was no life left in him.
My sister was dead, too.
I climbed into a big trough.  Sometimes, there was water or bits of food there.  It was empty.
I laid down, so weak, tired and sleepy.
Then, hands picked me up.  I couldn’t fight  All of my strength was gone.
Next, liqquid was in my mouth and going down my throat.
Then, more liqquid.  I was beginning to feel better.
Then, yummy smelling food was in front of me.  I couldn’t eat very much, yet I wanted more.
As I became more aware and gained strength, I also became afraid:  What is this strange place!
I hid under a gigantic bed with Cille.  She was another kitten on the farm.
One day, this sweet person came.  First, she held me, then Cille.
Before I knew it, I was in a carrier; then, I was in a home with the woman.  There was also a big, black, friendly dog and oh boy!  A bird to try catching!
Okay, I’m not allowed to stare at, jump on the cage of or otherwise harass the bird…
Now I am happy.  My pet human says I have a softball tummy.
I don’t go outside, even though my person would let me:  Too frightening out there.
Indoors with all the food, water, toys and attention I could ever want is good enough for me!
*Priscilla was dumped on a farm when she was just a tiny kitten.  she almost didn’t make it:  Her siblings were already dead, and she maybe had a couple hours or so left, but some friends rescued her just in time.
I don’t have words to describe how cruel it is for people to dump animals.
If you have some you don’t want, please take them to the Humane Society:  That is why it is there.
Thank you.


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