How would you describe “passion”?

Often it is used to express romantic feelings and actions.

Sometimes, it refers to something that a persson really loves to do; something about which someone is especially enthusiastic.


I have a different understanding of passion:

Passion is something that won’t let go of us, that we can’t lay down. We are more than willing to invest ourselves, time, energy and resources.

passion is not always joyful; sometimes, it’s perplexing or painful.

Passion can be an aching need or something that puts a spark of enthusiasm and imagination into us.

Passion involves all that we are, including beliefs, thoughts, feelings and dreams.


How would you know that you are living a passionate life?

For me,

it is when When I am engaged in activity that addresses and expresses my passions.

When I have a sense of purpose and accomplishment

When I find myself fully engaged.

When I am growing, imagining and creating


I personally believe that passion is important. It is what helps us to recognize our calling and gifts.


What are your passions?


How do you, or might you express them?

…Something to ponder.


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