Helps all of these.  Do you know it is?

Blood pressure
Blood circulation
weight management
blood sugar
cholesterol levels

Any guesses??

Water and whole foods are important

But the one thing I’m thinking of is



Universities and other institutions have all taken on studies of this important activity.
The results are amazing:
An overwhelming number of findings indicate that 1/2 hour of exercise is as effective as medication.
That means walking 15 minutes one way and 15 minutes back to home or work.
I’m not talking the major workout here.
Some other ideas:
Put on some favorite music and move to it for half an hour
Walk around the mall, gazing at window displays without stopping to look them over thoroughly
Park farther away from work, the grocery store or bank.  Add a stroll around the block
Take the stairs instead of the elevator
Pace while you make phone calls

Add a stretch break or two so that you stay limber.
Would you like to know about one other thing that promotes wellness?
L A U G H !




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