I was looking through various things I have written and came across this:

A life rule is a centuries-old discipline, which was started by monastic orders as a way to describe their common lives together. The purpose of developing such a rule is to discover the tangible ways in which we live out our faith.

We live according to what we believe. this is so simple; yet profound.

One caution: It is easy to get mechanical or legalistic when writing a life rule. To do this is to miss the point. Always look for the heart of the matter.

There are all sorts of “formulas” for a life rule. Some are as simple as saying the Lor’ds Prayer each day; others DEFINE every aspect of living, from physical care to outreach.

I MYSELF used to keep a very detailed rule. As I have matured, however, and my walk with God has become deeper, I find that a more general, less rigid one works better for me.


Whether we actually write out a life rule or not, we each have one. Here are some questions to consider in framing your own:

*What are your foundational beliefs –

About God?

About yourself?

About your purpose in this world?

About the world around you?

*What are your passions?

*What are tangible things you do that reflect your beliefs and passions?

*What things seem to “get in your way”?

*What would you like to build on?


Identifying these things is important because we are more able to be purposeful about our beliefs and lives. We can strengthen the things that build us and others up; we can correct things that get in our way.


It is best to start by asking the Holy Spirit to give you revelation, wisdom and understanding. Some things seem like no-brainers; yet when we really consider them in the light of our relationship with god, they are far deeper than we realize.





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