Lessons From Dog

When life seems too heavy,
Go out and play:
Run, jump and roll,
Bark, howl and bay!
Lie on your back
With your tummmy in the air;
chew a good bone,
Let go of that care!

When you get sleepy,
Have a long nap.
Then chase a fun ball
Or snuffle the cat.
Eat all you want
And take a long drink.
Give yourself time
to know what you think.

When you feel great,
Waggle your tail.
With attitude like this,
You know you’ll never fail!
Lick those you love
With greatest of joy.
Take a nice walk,
Play with a toy.

Whatever is passed,
Just let it go,
Like fading of day
Or melting of snow.
Old things don’t matter
When you live for the day.
Keep looking forward;
Life’s better that way.


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