Some of My Favorite Books…At This Point

These are all books that have to do with discovering purpose and finding direction; Enjoy:
“The Dream Giver,” by Bruce wilkinson
An easy read that will have you thinking.

“Dream: Discover God’s Purpose for Your Life,” by Dutch Sheets
Encouraging and inspiring; will challenge you to lay hold of the dreams God has put in you.

“Dancing With Destiny; Awaken Your Heart to Dream, Love and War,” by Jill Austin
Excellent book. A slightly different angle from the two mentioned above.

“Beautiful One: A Walk In Deeper Intimacy with the One Who Created Us,”
by Heidi Baker, Bene Johnson, Winnie Banov, Nina Myers, Sue Ahn, Ann Stock, DeAnne Clark and Sherri Hess
This delightful collection has wisdom, inspiration and plenty to think about.

“Life Keys: Discover Who You Are,” by Jane Kise David Stark and Sandra Krebs Hirsh
If you are looking for direction in terms of career or ministry, this is your book. It is workbook style, so there are lots of activities to complete.

“What If…: You Joined your Dreams with the Most Amazing God,”
Bene Johnson, Sheri Silk, Bill Johnson, Danny Silk, Theresa Dedmon, April LaFrance, Julie Winter, Candace Johnson, Dawna DeSilva and Brittney Serpell,
This collection is filled with stories, experience, wisdom and hope.


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