News from the Zoo

So, It is really intriguing and funny sometimes, living with three animals. Two are so smart, they’re scary!
The hierarchy among my animals is all inverted: The cat chases the dog and he runs from her; the bird scolds the cat and she obeys him.
My bird is a cockatiel named Oliver. I don’t know how he does it, but he says exactly the right thing at exactly the right moment. For example, I was upset about a month ago. I was sitting on the couch, crying. Priscilla, my cat, had stopped playing and was sitting with me (she’s no dummy, either;) Galahad was lying on the other side, doing his own great job of comforting me. Now for Oliver: He asks, “Are you all right Baby?” I’ve never herd him ask that before.
Two summers ago, a street cleaner had parked in front of my house for about half an hour. As it pulled away from the curb, Oliver said, “There you go!” How did he know to say that just then!
Oliver loves to call the cat: “Kitty kitty kitty kitty kitty kitty!” Fortunaely, Priscilla ignores him when he does that.


One thought on “News from the Zoo

  1. Friday at my house is Park Day. My neighbor and I take my black lab, Galahad with us. We go to our favorite coffee joint for drinks – and a dog treat – to go; then, head for Pioneer…Dog Library, Pee-riodical section, where dogs can read and write all the peemails they want.
    My neighbor calls Galahad “the Poopinator,” as we remove his orange piles from the lawn: He likes carrots.
    His other nickname is, “the nomadic Hoover.” He goes around the park at a fairly good clip with his nose about 2 inches away from the ground. I guess you could call it speed reading!
    So the next time Friday rolls around, remember:
    “Bark bark bark for the park park park!”

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